Java7 new features: Personal View

Ref: The incoming Java 7 new features

All about just one thing: Java is becoming a platform and heavier and heavier version by version.Losing its very authentic and original simple beauty purely from language perspective.

Actually all the ideas are not quite new or very original innovative, they have already appeared in various libraries, components, frameworks and products. Sun is just collecting and refurbishing those ideas in name of JSR process then put them in its own JDK's shoes. Afterwards, MS will borrow the ideas but make it much easier to use in its monolithic .NET tools than diverted java tools world.

However, it's still a good news that the new changes on the heavier new "JAVA platform" will definitely drive the success of simpler and straightforward emerging dynamic 2G languages on top of Java, such as Groovy, which is just copying the same story Java replacing C/C++/Delphi 10 years ago!

Let's see.


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